Headmaster's Study

Headmaster’s Study

Vance Wilson

Headmaster Vance WilsonMr. Vance Wilson became the seventh headmaster of St. Albans School in July 1999.

Born in North Carolina, on August 18, 1950, and raised in Tampa, Fla., he attended Berkeley Preparatory School and earned his B.A. in English from Yale University, where he played varsity basketball and was nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship. He went on to earn a diploma in Anglo-Irish literature from Trinity College, University of Dublin, and a master’s degree from the University of Virginia.

He began his teaching career in 1974 at the Lovett School in Atlanta, where he was quickly promoted to head of the Upper School; subsequently, he has worked as a teacher and administrator at Asheville School in Asheville, N.C, Tower Hill School in Wilmington, Del., and Bryn Mawr School in Baltimore, where he was the associate head. He also taught English at Madison Area Technical College.

Mr. Wilson recently served as president of the International Boys’ School Coalition (IBSC) and is a former member of the governing board of Roxbury Latin School. He also belongs to the Headmasters’ Association, and the Country Day Heads Association.

Mr. Wilson has also pursued a second career as a writer: he has co-authored two books on curriculum issues and an account of integration in Southern private schools. In 1986 he published a novel, The Quick and the Dead. Mr. Wilson has two children: Evan, who graduated from St. Albans in 2003, Yale University in 2007, and Cambridge University in 2008, and is finishing a Ph.D. in history at Oxford University while working as a scholar at Greenwich Naval Museum in Greenwich, U.K., and Emily, a 2005 National Cathedral School and 2009 University of Michigan graduate, who is a school counselor at the John F. Kennedy School in Somerville, Mass.

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