St. Albans at a Glance 

Year Opened:

Student-To- Faculty Ratio:
7 to 1


 Average Class Size:
13 students

Forms C-VI (4-12)

Students of Color:

Number of Boarders:
31 (grades 9-12)

Percentage of Faculty with
Advanced Degrees:

Religious Affiliation:

Faculty Demographics:
71% Male; 29% Female
Average tenure: 11+ years

Part of the 59-acre Washington
National Cathedral Close in
Northwest Washington, D.C.

Students Receiving Financial Aid:

Average Financial Aid Award:
More than $25,000

Graduating Class:
75-80 Boys

The Mascot:
The Bulldog

Coeducational Opportunities:
Our strong coordinate program with the National Cathedral School for Girls
offers students coeducational opportunities in academics, arts, and athletics.

St. Albans prepares students for a wide variety of demanding colleges and universities, with each boy encouraged to apply to schools that best fit his unique strengths and interests. The 78 members of the class of 2013 applied to 173 different colleges and received a total of 288 acceptances; 50 schools were represented among final matriculation plans.

Over the past five years, the following universities have enrolled the most St. Albans graduates:

Yale University (19)

Dartmouth College (8)

Harvard College (17)

Colby College (7)

University of Virginia (14)

Princeton University (7)

Georgetown University (12)

Tufts University (7)

University of Michigan (11)

Wake Forest University (7)

University of Pennsylvania (11)

Kenyon College (6)

College of William and Mary (11)

Stanford University (6)

Bowdoin College (9)

University of Chicago (6)

Columbia University (7)

Wesleyan University (6)

Middlebury College (7)


St. Albans School, Mount St. Alban, Washington, DC 20016, 202-537-6435