SmartMusic at NCS/STA

September 2013: SmartMusic just released a new version with many improvements. Mr. Wood will post updated information below in the coming days.

SmartMusic is a music software tool that allows student to practice with accompaniment, record themselves, get instant feedback, and submit assignments using email.


  • an internet-connected computer (external speakers are ideal but not required)
  • a student subscription for the home computer
  • an external lapel-type microphone

Grant funding from the St. Albans Parents Association provides subscriptions (normally $36/year) and microphones (normally ~$30) for the 2011-2012 school year!

1. Download and Install

Using the computer you intend to use for practicing (which I'll call your "practicing computer"), visit the download page on and follow the instructions.

  • If you installed the program before, you may need to update (as of January 2012, the current version is "2012a").
  • Siblings can share one copy of the program on one computer (as long as each student has his own login, as explained below)
  • Once you have downloaded the application, you won't need to visit again.

2. Create a Login account

Your login account lets you get and submit assignments under your name, so each student—including siblings—needs his/her own unique login account.

Open the SmartMusic application on your computer; on the SmartMusic Home page, find the "Login" box and select "Create Login":

  • Use whatever email address you use most often. Enter it again to confirm it.
  • Choose a password (and a password hint if you want to)
  • Provide your birth month and year; if you are younger than 13, you'll be prompted for guardian contact information to comply with parental consent laws.
  • choose "next" to continue

On the next page:

  • First Name (student's name, as you use it in class)
  • Last Name (same)
  • Address 1 (street address here, for example "123 Main Street")
  • Address 2 (second line of address, for example "Apartment 3B"—this is an optional field)
  • City
  • State/Province
  • Zip/Postal Code

You will not be sent commercial messages from SmartMusic; the address is to help you find your school in the next step. If you'd rather, you could write the school's address here instead.

If you forget your login credentials later, contact SmartMusic help at (866) 240-4041. Mr. Wood doesn't know your password!

3. Create Profile

  • Select Student
  • on the next page, under "My School(s)," click "Add School". The search field will default to the ZIP code you entered before; change it to 20016 (so that it can find us), then choose "NCS/STA INSTRUMENTAL MUSIC", not "National Cathedral Girls Sch" or "St Alban's School for Boys"!
  • under "My ensemble(s)", check Full Orchestra AND Jazz Ensemble (just so that all the instruments and voice parts are available in the next step—you'll enroll for classes later)
  • Tell it how long you've been performing, and select your instrument/voice. This information helps SmartMusic serve up appropriate music, and can always be changed. Choose "Done"

At this point, you'll finally land on "My Home", the screen that you'll see from now on when you login.

Click "Enroll for Class" and pick all that apply to you now (for example, "Middle School Orchestra").

4. Activate a subscription for your "practicing computer"

Go to the home screen and click "Subscription" in the lower left corner. When prompted, enter the code 533N8QEB. I have an additional batch of free subscriptions that we can use once these are claimed.


Now you're up and running. Visit the Help menu, where you can watch the quickstart videos and set up your microphone. I will be able to send you assignments that you can complete within SmartMusic, and you can always use it to practice sightreading, scales, and more. Have fun...

St. Albans School, Mount St. Alban, Washington, DC 20016, 202-537-6435