SmartMusic at NCS/STA

[edited January 2015]

SmartMusic is a music software tool that allows students to practice with accompaniment, record themselves, get instant feedback, and submit assignments electronically.


  • an internet-connected computer (PC, Mac or iPad; external speakers are ideal but not required)
  • a student subscription ($40 for a full year, but can be purchased for as little as 6 months)
  • a microphone. The built-in mic on the iPad works well, but other computers may do better with an external one. SmartMusic sells lapel-type mics that are ideal for about $25, and Mr. Wood has some of those in stock as well. Note: students who have borrowed a microphone from Mr. Wood should purchase it or return it to him.

To Get Started

  1. visit the visit the download page on and download the application onto each computer you plan to use. Once you're up an running, you'll only be using the application, not the website.
  2. call SmartMusic help at (866) 240-4041 during business hours. They will help you buy a student subscription, setup your student login/account, find your school (note: have them use "NCS/STA Instrumental Music" in ZIP 20016 as the name of the school), and enroll in your class (e.g. "Lower School Orchestra"). All of these steps can be done using the form on their website 24/7, but partial-year student subscriptions are only available by calling them, and anyway it's nice to have live help during the setup process.
  3. Another approach to finding the right school and enrolling in a class: click the appropriate link here:



Now that you're up and running, Mr. Wood will be able to send you assignments that you can complete within SmartMusic, and you can always use it to practice sight-reading, scales, and more.

There are helpful quickstart videos in the app and on their website. Please let Mr. Wood know if you have any trouble that you can't solve, if you see anything here that can be improved. Soon we'll have a number of student experts who can mentor their peers as well.

There should be no financial barrier to participation in SmartMusic—please let Mr. Wood or the appropriate scholarship administrator know so we can help.

St. Albans School, Mount St. Alban, Washington, DC 20016, 202-537-6435